Case Study

MRI of Right Wrist (P + C)
PATIENT: 38 year old female COMPLAINT:
  1. Tubercular arthritis of wrist
  2. Pain in wrist joint since 2 months, difficulty in pick up things.

  • Significant enhancing thickening of the synovial sheaths of the common flexor tendons including flexor digitorum profundus and superficialis with fluid within the tendon sheath extending from the little finger proximally through the hand and wrist deep to the flexor retinaculum in to the distal 1/3rd of forearm up to approximately 2.5 cm proximal to wrist joint suggestive of suggestive of ulnar and radial bursitis. Possibility of infective / inflammatory synovitis has to be considered.
  • Bowing of the flexor retinaculum with thickening of the medial nerve proximal to retinaculum (cross sectional area= 18 mm2) and flattening of nerve at and distal to retinaculum suggestive of carpal tunnel syndrome.